Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello My Friends

My week has been a rollercoaster, haha.

I am so happy to be back in my old area, I feel so loved. All the members have been amazing and have made me feel like family.

I am enjoying teaching these wonderful investigating families they are all sincere and humble and are thankful that we give our time to come and teach them to help them understand the gospel and help them teach their kids good moral values.

here are some of the families we are teaching

Francisco and Maria- they are a cute old couple that have the most adorable grandchildren. we met them by knocking doors, they invited us in and had a good how to begin teaching lesson with them. they invited  us over for that  Sunday.all their children were there so we were teaching a big group of people, they actually have been to the Easter pageant so they had a good impression of the church already. We got to know them and had some laughs, that is really important for me to do so we can break the ice and for it not to be awkward.We taught he restoration and they do believe that Joseph had that vision we invited them t pray about it.

itzel and jose and their two kids- this family Is so cute and attentive. they have come to multiple church activities and they always have a good time. The mom has not wanted to come to church yet because her son has autism and is scared he will be to disruptive. We took the young men's President and he talked all about boys scouts and the boys seem really excited, there is something wrong with the normal one , but we just need to figure it out, he looks depressed. he told us things about his friends and hwo they lied to him, so we read in the pamphlet of For the strength of the youth.

Rebecca- this women looks like sister Barton, its crazy,  except she is from Mexico, ill send you pictures next time. She is so sweet and has four adorable children. She actually came to the General Women's Meeting this Saturday and she said that it was really inspirational and loved it, we invited her to it when we were reading from The Book of Mormon, while we were studying on the importance of Prophets, we invited her to listen to a living prophet this Saturday and she was so intrigued by it and couldn't believe it as she asked so there is a live prophet today? just like before? it was the best. then the next day she came to church with all her kids, I was sitting next to all of them as their mother was in the back calming her baby and they were so well behaved and during the closing prayer the 6 year old boy closed his eyes bowed his head and folded his arms throughout the whole prayer. it was awesome! then after they asked where their classes were. unfortunately the power was out because of the monsoon the day before and the tree that fell cut the power line. by the way have I told you that we have 9 missionaries in out branch, most members are less active.  We are all working hard to get them all back

Olivia and her daughter - she is a sweet sweet lady who is so smiley and her twelve year old daughter has been reading the book, she doesn't get it that much so we are going over there to read it with her.

bulmaro- he always comes to church and he has a baptismal date, he even quit his job to come to church.

I have trials at the moment but I love them because it teaches me to trust more in God and pray with more intent.

well I hope everyone has a great week!

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