Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Visiting the Provo Temple and Seeing Elder Allen!

 Today Tuesday April 30th was our Preparation day, which came sooner than expected, but the exciting thing was that we got to go to the Provo Temple! We arose at 6 am to meet with our district outside to walk together. I was super tired, but it was worth it. Had a wonderful time and that reverence and spirit carried us out to help us during personal study time, I wasn't distracted for one second! I was focused and still have the energy to do all the things that we need to do today, I even feel extra inspired to study more than is needed, instead of doing laundry.
Yesterday we taught an "investigator" yet it was so real. I learned that by getting to know them first can lead us to teach them in many different ways that will help them come unto Christ. Although it is still pretty hard to know what we should teach them, I feel that the Lord will be by our side. We are here to stand in his place, teach what He would teach, serve how He will serve, and love how He will love. This makes me want to work harder, for I do not want to do anything less than that, I am here to be as the Savior himself and bring others to come to Christ. Although I am not in the field yet, I can already see God's help :)
Guess what I saw Elder Allen a day before he left, so I took pictures Sister Allen! but I can't send them on this computer and without a usb that connects to my SD card that plugs into the computer.

BTW he looks great and happy and mature! and I heard he is the best Polish speaker :) I know you'll be happy to hear that he is a great missionary from other people.
I can't believe I leave in a week to Mesa, I'm super excited! Well I'll get the pictures coming eventually :D  I love all of you thank you for all you support and love! Thank you for the prayers because I sure need them!
Ocean branchers and Presidency take care of Naomi and each other you are the best I cant wait to hear from you and see where life is taking you!

New in the Missionary Training Center!

I entered the MTC on Wednesday April 24th it was sort of sad saying bye to my mom and sister Adams. 

I am glad my mother came with us on this trip and she loved Temple Square, the spirit was so strong there! I was crying my eyeballs out after we went through "The Plan for the Family" display room in the visitors center. I testified to my mom that I wanted to share this message to the world; that we can be eternal families in the presence of our loving Heavenly Father and He will gladly give us all he has if we work hard and follow his plan here on the earth! Bashawn Adams bore a POWERFUL testimony about her eternal family and the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that she knows her loving son is a missionary on the other side of the veil and that he is theirs for time and all eternity! that anything we do in life won't compare to the happiness only God can give. I shared that when her and I work at our mother daughter relationship our time is blissful and loving, but only when we work at it. Same with our Father in heaven, he wants to hear from us, give us counsel, wants us to apply the Atonement of his son in our lives, to be relived from our troubles and be cleansed and feel a deep love for life, others and most importantly Heavenly Father. Sister Adams said that it is hard being a member of the church, but that the blessings are worth it! She promised to be her friend and help her out while I'm on m my mission. My mom Felt our love and the spirit of the Lord was so strong. Insomuch that she wants to change her life, I love her and what I learned in the MTC so far is that  " Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings MIRACLES.."   I got to teach her the illustrations from the Book of Mormon that are on display at the conference center too! I am so glad that those were there as a teaching aid to help me share my testimony of the courage of the prophets more simply.

Well our district here is so close we love each other! one Elder said  "I  have never loved a group of people so much after only three days!" :D this was after an hermana bore her testimony as our responsibilities as missionaries and a group prayer. It's fun too see so many young sisters out on missions, oh guess what I saw Elder Allen and Sister  Baer! I haven't had the chance to take a picture with them, but sure will when we get the chance, because we are super busy running around trying to get to places and sticking to our companions.:) 

I am in a triplet companionship I love these hermanas, one of them is my twin, interest wise and personality. Her name is Sister Abarca and she is from Oakland  and going to Tempi Arizona! haha Sister Miller is so spiritual, she is an American, but out of our Advanced Spanish speaking District she is the most professional  in the Spanish language lol! 5 out of 6 of us are lations, which I think is pretty amazing!

I am enjoying all the role playing after we are taught on how to teach the doctrine to very diverse people! it's fun and the spirit abounds to helps us teach and fill our mouths with what he needs us to say. Anyway i am running out of time I have to throw my clothes in the dryer then go to the gym and pump some iron!! love you all let me know what you're all up to and thank you Sister Wood for that beautiful letter, I was super excited when I got it, it  made me very happy :)