Wednesday, November 27, 2013

transfer week!

Hi Everyone, sorry i don't have much time but here is the news:
 I am now serving in Phoenix, in the Ghetto, my companion Hermana Arrebalo is from El Salvador, she gorgeous, we are going to have so much fun together!!!! 
love you all bye!

this is the Papago Zone 
this is Fatima the lovely women thta we helped reactivate and now she is teaching her children the gospel, her mother kept thanking us for helping her. (alex i dont remember if i sent you this already, you know i dont have the greatest memory)

this is at a family home evening, baby bruce, he is so cute.

this is Sister Garrett and i on our last week together :(

this is my mom out here on the mission, we comforted her and helped her family a lot, but most importantly we strengthen eachother. she is the wisest most spiritulal mother that i have ever out here, she truly understands that all her trials with her children are for her good. and thisis the whole family, their son is on a mission at Argentina :)

this is another women we helped come back to chruch and this is her ten year old son, whose baptism im coming back to Mesa Grande for. I love them so so much, They are so special to me.

this is Ericka, she was a tough cookie, she loved to talk about her life and , we developed so much love for her and her for us. She thought that because she wasn't killing and stealing and etc that she was keeping the commandments, we focused a lot on the saviors example and life and how we are commanded to be perfect even as I, your father who is in heaven is perfect, as we study the scriptures and apply it we can be happier and more like Christ. we never really had the opportunity to invite her to be baptised because she rebuked everything we said and we would always be there for and hour and would have to leave as we set an appointment to go see her again, she would not be there, therefore we sometimes had to review something and then teach her the rest of the lesson so it can all connect.  She has a lot of changes ot make in her life, i feel she is going to take it real slowly. This day she was really sad that we were both getting transferred and said that she will invite us to her baptism!!! :D I'm excited

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Very Edifying Week

I really really love being here becaue i am learning how to get along with people and leaving behind my sassyness and at times temper. My companion and I had a companionship inventory that was so hard to do, but we did do it, and it was so necessary as it says in Hebrews 12:11 Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.
I am learning more patience and to have more charity, its hard to aquire, but we need to be perfected in Chirst. God is a loving and merciful God, we must learn to become more like Him, it's just a happier way to live.

we had a Mission President fireside last night, it was so fun i was so happy to see all the people I met in other areas and that they are still ebing faithful and the investigators from other areas are still investigating, even though they need to get baptized, but eventually they will :) Most of the branche's new converts bore their testimonies and the youth sang a gorgeous song Sisters in Zion and We'll bring the world his truth aka efy medley, it was so powerfull! My companion and i made inviteds for the youth to pass out to thier Friends but either no one can come or they didn't do it. That is a great finding opportunity for the missionaries next time ya'll should invite  your friends to those :)

this is my zone last week we were having a zone activity , watching The Prince of Egypt, i love that movie. 

here i am wearing my Papago Zone T-shirt during my lunch break

here we are together 

yesterday we went to church and a  young mom we teach who is returning to church, cam with her family who are faithful members. during Relief Society she introduced herself and her daughter and she told everyone that the missionaries are reactivating her, she was so greatful and she thanked us so much that day :) it made me realize that perhaps this mother has prayee and prayed and has kept the commandments with hope that her daoughter will one day return and accoding to her faithfullness and faith she God blessed her. That is such a testimony strenghthener to me about prayer :)

this is a service project we helped out at , it was to raise money for someone who needed money for surgery, we were helping make "gorditas" and tacos, it was fun, the best thing is that we got to eat for free!

these are some pictures of a baptism we had a loong time ago, but i just got the pictures :) 
he had just gotten out of jail and she lived with his family, they are all faithfull members and once he got out they  got married and the next day got baptized!! :) they are wonderful!! #blessings

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

hey sorry i dont have very much time

hello!! thank you all for your prayers i really need them especially during this challenging time here on the mission. We are working to get new investigators  because we had a drop  a ton of them because they chose not to progress :(  
one guy his name was Javier was so special, he ended up moving , with out telling us!it was sad
consecration week was this week!
 consecration definition: leaving your will behind and do God's will. It is hard, so this week instead of looking at being consecrated for your whole mission seems too hard for some missionaries so our zone leaders received good inspiration for our zone. they came up with Consecration week, to be exactly obedient, and let go of all the worldly things and use the atonement more. It is great because now how can we, any of us ever go back. It was funny to see all the missionaries throw in their things in the alter of sacrifice and vocalize their written imperfections and say how it is for the best. some were funny, mine wasn't because i was being totally serious about mine. 
YAAAy we taught a less active girl named Jessica shes 17 we had an amazing lesson with her about the Plan of Salvation with an emphasis on Lehi's dream on the purpose of life. We shared parts of Elder Bednar's talk and compared the difference between the people that clinged to teh rod and those that continually held fast to it.  The 2nd group those that clinged, got to taste of the fruit but looked around as if they were ashamed and eventually fell away, most likely these people ocassionally read and prayed. while the others were consistant, disciplined and no matter how hard life got they remained firm those were able to partake of eternal life with their loved ones. He went on to say that the gospel is our survival guide, i love that it explaines it as a survival guide . when you are in the wilderness you need to know how to survive, you need to know how to hunt and gather to obtain food, how to protect yourself from wild beasts, you need to know how to heal wounds, you need to know how to get to where you need to be to be safe. The Gospel of Jesus Christ equips us for all the challanges of life, we have the atonement to heal our wounded souls, we have the scriptures to give us the knowledge we need to be wise and nourish our hearts with he good word, and to protect us from the attacks of Satan, and the words of God that lead us safely to our eternal home.  Anyway, love the Gospel and i know you all do too, so share it!! :)

I'm out here baking. These were actually made for the people that are potetials , we made these for them and attatched scriptures to them with toothpicks, so hopefully they soften theri hearts and let us teach them!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This week was good. There is this talk that D todd Christofferson gave a few years ago, it's titled "As many as I love, I rebuke and Chasten" i love this talk it reaffirmed to me that because he loves us he will give us trials for our strength and benefit so we can be more fit and equipped to recieve Greater spiritual gifts.
in D&C 136:31 it says: "My people must be atried in all things, that they may be prepared to receive the bglory that I have for them, even the glory of Zion; and he that will not cbearchastisement is not worthy of my kingdom.
Why do we need to be chastened? because we are imperfect beings and Heavenly Father has provided a way for us to be refined and more like Him. that wasy is through seeking correction and being humbly and accept it  even though somethimes we feel that we dont deserve our trials , we do because  he needs to try our faith and patience and wants us to learn to resolve things and preapare for greater things he has in store for us. I am thankful that  through repentance, and the atonement I can become better. I know we cannot inhereit his kindgdom if we dont learn to be loving, patient, humble, and be greatful for blessings as welll as trials. We can be refined as we seek his correction and act upon it. Through the sciptures, we can be reminded of the things we need to stop doing that are bad, or to do the things that we know are right and are not doing. This week we had Weekly Planning as usual on fridays, and my companion and i realized that we are in a current. Do you all remember the movie " finding Nemo"? how those tortuses caught that current to get to where they need to be, and how some of them layed on their backs and played around, becaue it was the easy way to get there without trying too hard.  Well, we realized that we need to get out of this current. Where we are strong in some areas we lack in others, such as finding new people to teach. We set goals every week but are not thinking outside the box trying new things to get members excited and involved with misisonary work. We also plan for the same people for months now and they are almost never home, and its not going to change. It was harsh for both of us, but it is needed, we came up with several different ways to strengthen this area and help the mmbers with their missionary work. We are going to give everyone those "would you be willing cards" aneasy way to have everyine share the gospel, focus on the youth, fo they have tons of friends that are not members and we are doing a mission plan with them, bake studd for the mothers that dont want our girls to be baptized yet, and many other things that i am super excited to try this week!! i am  thankfull to hte Lord for giving us all the revelation we needed, he is indeed laboring in the vineyard with us :)
love ya'll bye !

this was a wednesday and we alll wore pink, the thing is my companion and i dressed then realized we were twins, haha great minds think alike :) these are all the elders and sisters serving in our Branch!!

this is us at a breakfast at a members house.  :) and this is me fifty pounds later at a trunk or treat

this cheerleader man is a progresssing investigator that has a baptisimal date, but we had to give him over to the Elders that took part of our area, so now they are teaching him, but its ok because he is getting baptized and his son still doesnt know, i love this family!!

these are the children of Ricardos son Genaro, or ricardos grandkids :) so cute!