Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Short and Sweet Miracles!

Hi Everyone!
thanks you all for the personal emails I'm receiving from you all, they make me super happy!!
ok so i am writing a list of short and sweet miracles:

1. A young boy we are teaching went from being completely atheist to knowing that God and Jesus Christ Live and we read The Book of Mormon with him daily and study the messages behind it, he receives revelation that the path towards eternal life, with his family and being able to see his brother again, is going to church and keeping the commandments! Otherwise all the things he does will be pointless if he didn't have hope in The Plan of Happiness!
2. We found a super cute Mexican man with a 5 year old daughter, he loves God and he knows what we testify is true, for he has received strength from the Lord when times are hard and he's a progressing investigator. We found him through a line of people.
3. A less active sister invited us over for lunch this coming week, miracle.
4. LOL! we went heart attacking at an investigators house for the second time on Saturday and we got caught in the very act again, lol!
I know that we were guided by the spirit and we were meant to be there to talk to him, because otherwise we wouldn't have known that he lost his job and also that he wouldn't have gone to church because he didn't have a white button up to wear, so we got him one and he went with his wife Merium and son, (also our investigators) Church was perfect!! Because it talked about the super cheap education system that will help you get a job and you don't have to have legal documentation to go to school and progress. This program was inspired from the Prophet and his counselors! which makes sense, of coarse, that is how we can serve better and provide for our families, and a requirement is to be an active member of the church! which helps the person in all aspects of life, for without the help of the Lord nothing is possible!. Guess what! he registered!
5. i love that family, we had a great lesson with them about prophets once and i bore my testimony about how i found out to know if the B.O.M was true and at the end of the lesson she started to cry:) the spirit was so strong.

6. I love my companions!!!
7. We have way to much fun, I've never made anyone laugh so much as much as them. My companion cracks me up when she starts speaking like the Grinch.

8. I wish i can tell you all the funny stories that happen but i don't have time.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Riding Bikes Everywhere!

Hello everyone!
I am super excited, we are teaching a twelve year old girl with a baptism date for the first week of June! her name is Jaqueline she is so prepared to hear the gospel and live it! She reminds me of me, she is humble, asks really good questions, takes notes on the Book of Mormon, prays everyday loves church and she is hungry for knowledge i love her she makes everything so much. we taught her about personal progress and she was really excited to get started and her mother was also there and she agreed with what we were sharing, i know her mom will get baptized as well :)!
Super amazing that we get to go to the temple once a transfer here in Mesa :)! In fact we go this Wednesday.
sorry I keep forgetting to bring my camera or else I'll be sending pictures
let's see who else are we teaching... oh Alberto, he is 16 years old his parents joined the church a year ago and we have taught him The Restoration, The plan of Salvation, The Atonement of Jesus Christ and we have invited him to pray and get baptized and read the Book of Mormon everyday. he isn't too sure about getting baptized yet and he is too lazy to pray and study everyday so we are reading The Book of Mormon with him every day:) I love that it is so much fun :) We have seen him progressing so much, before he was just lazy and now he runs with his mom, works out so he can join the football team, he has more patience with his sweet dad, he looks happier, he pays attention as he reads and doesn't doze off like he used to, he prays with us, and every time we ask him a question about Nephi or whoever we are reading about he answers with the right answer, which is prayer! and obeying God's commandments. This is truly a big deal and it fun to see him grow in knowledge and I hope we can help him strengthen his faith, so he may want to be sealed to his brother that passed away and that he may be comforted in Christ.
I love that we get to ride our bikes everywhere especially at night because it's warm and there is a coolish breeze, especially because we eat Mexican food everyday, so we totally need it. :D
Today we get to go grocery shopping I am looking forward to that that because last night I had cereal for dinner and peas for dessert, yummmy!
My companions are so funny I love them so much! On Thursday after personal study as we were getting ready to have companionship study ,Hermana Herbert shared that she knows we all have strengths and we all have something great to contribute to the companionship and it helps us teach really good lessons, but what would be better is if we can help each other have those strengths where the other needs improvement on. So I had an idea to write on the blackboard our names, one strength, want we need to work on, and space for how we can teach each other how to have that ability. We both loved how confident Hermana Longshore was when she went up to people, got to know them, became their friend, and somehow weaseled in the gospel or The Book of Mormon in there, but it is smooth and great. Hermana Herberts strength was the experiences she shared and how the gospel helps her life and the life of her family( her family is now having FHE and going to church which they didn't really do before, but now they do because she is on a mission. little great miracle!) They said that they love that I have a scripture that can apply to everyone we teach and when I teach and share a scripture, I not only want to read it and make sure they understand what it means, but help them apply to their lives for their benefit. I'm actually trying to become a spiritual encyclopedia, It didn't come to me in a month, but through pondering on how a passage of scripture can help me and how it can help someone else with a different question. So that motivated me to keep memorizing scriptures! and I am working with them to memorize where One scripture is and what it's about over a week and keep changing it. I also shared my testimony about color coding scriptures which really helps!!!
well love you all and don't forget to take time out of your busy lives to say hello to me!! :D