Monday, April 28, 2014

Good Week

so i have been learning a lot, just how to have more charity, its hard. 
ever since me and my companion have been working on this by  talking more openly and adressing concerns promptly and just serving eachother more has helped us love one another more, we have already felt the difference in our unity when we teach, and feel more peace we. We have seen some tiny miracles too.
WE were coming home from dinner last night and we were thinking to come home and finish out studies, but for some reason i thought it was important to go see this one person before we went home, he wasnt there, but his mother in law was. We asked her when he will be back and if there is anything we can do for her, she said she was ok but we were welcome to come in. We entered with the purpose on starting with "How to Begin Teaching." She opened up a lot and shared all her life story with us, heartaches and current deaths in the family,  and expressed how it made her feel, she feels vengance and hate, sorrow, sadness in her heart and vengance for the people that have wronged her. My companion and i were just listening to her. After we just knew what to say, we testified of the Saviors love for her, and because of him she has the ability to be healed and to replace those feelings of hate and anger with peace and happiness, even in the midsts of her difficulties. My companion did such a great job with her spanish and listending to the Holy Ghost to know what to sayso she can to comfort her. Since this women got her sons name tattoed on her arm, desiring to have his memory always with her untill she died. Hence,  we testified of the plan that God has for the family, and how we can be together forever, these circumstances have given her the humility she neede in order to accept the Gospel. My companion and i were on the same page and that was thanks to the Spirit, we felt it and we know our investigator felt it. This reaffirms and strengthens my testimony of why speaking with kindness and serving one another and praying for one another really invites the spirit of God into the lives of individualls and makes our homes stronger, because we center it on Christ. I love it.
Well allthough we have  huge area, we have decided to ride bikes during the day instead of driving all of the time. Thanks to that we have been meeting tons more people willing to hear our message! I am really excited for teaching all these new people!!!!
well i neeed to do better at writing bullet points on what to write ya'll because i forget sorry!
love oyu all

Hermana Salas 

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Miracle Story

Hello how is everybody?!

this week was nice we have a miracle story

so we called this man that is a member who doesnt come to chuch ever. He answered, we said hi and asked how he was doing, also asked if he wanted to come to church with us on sunday, he said no thanks. we asked why not. He told us that he doesn't want to and started laughing, so we laughed with him. So we asked if we can visit him and he agreed. He invited us out to lunch and we brought an awesome member with us, hermana Canales, she is so spiritual and fun. She made the lesson a whole lot better.

He opened up to us a lot, It turnes out that he has been a member of the Bishopbric and has been in the young mens presidency and has gotten sealed in the temple, so he knows alot and he knows the church is true, but he and his wife were divorced but still live together he feels that he is not ready to go to church becaue he feels unworthy and like he is not being true to the promises he had made with GOd. I can tell that he was truly humble and that he needed the lords help.We shared some scriptures with him and bore our testimonies about the saviors help and love for us. The best thing about it is hat he is feeling godly sorrow that works repentance, for he wants to reconstruct his marriage and be active again, becaue he loves the chruch. We dont know why they divorced but all i know is that he can fix it and they can be a happy family again with the saviors help.  Do any of you have any good advice for us to help him, or maybe just for him? (you can share some talks, scriptures etc..) this is a difficult challange for us. He knows what is right, but just needs a good reminder. Anyway he came to church yesterday with his whole family! It was os GREAT!

today is my birthday and i woke up to a great surprise my housemates made some cupcakes and lit them up with candles but before that they ding donged ditched the door and filled the proch with balloond and then i saw them runn away. haha it was fun, they are so sweet, we just got back from the Zoo, it was fun :) thank you for those that wrote me letters for my birthday, it made me really happy and i loved the beautiful pictures!! you know who you are!!! :)
We are teaching a lot of less active members and we are working iwht one to get him ot progress more, by getting the Priesthood and going through the temple. WE also have another young married couple we are working with , he is a returned missionary and they are semi less active, his wife Liz has doubts about everything, but slowly the other elders helped her undestand that temple work is important, even for the dead, because there is an after life. As we we were teaching her the plan of Salvation, she had a question about baptisms for 8year olds, she felt that it is too young, although that at that age they already know right from wrong, she thinks it is a great committment to put a child under.I read the scripture that says "learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God" and that as a mother it is her job to help him live up to those commandments. Well she is a slow working progress, but we love her and will love her and help her through that journey to get married in the temple.

love you all gotta go!

Hermana Salas 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!
this week has been good. We finally got to meet a few members at the chapel this sunday, after conference. We have been finding more and more less actives to work with, there is so many!!! we need to help them. and we are excited but athte same time we feel overwhelemed. we have a huge area to cover and looking for new investigators should be a priority but we feel that reactivaiton is more important, so that we wont be a burden to the branch in adding new members."When converts are baptized and confirmed, they make sacred promises to obey and serve God and others for the rest of their lives. They become candidates for salvation in the celestial kingdom. To receive the promised blessings, they must endure to the end with faith in Jesus Christ. Church members are essential in helping new converts remain active and faithful.
President Gordon B. Hinckley said: “There is absolutely no point in doing missionary work unless we hold on to the fruits of that effort. The two must be inseparable. … Every convert is a great and serious responsibility”  I know that there was once a missionary that cared dearly about these people who accepted the gospel,and worked really ard to get them get to that step and they have pleaded with the Lord that they will never fall away, and they still do. I know that as i care about these people, that i will be an answer to another missionaries prayers and that the ones i have helped make it to the waters of baptism will be taken care of.
My companion is awesome, can't complain, We are really looking forward to the Easter Pageant!!
WE enjoyed conference, although i have to admit the last one was my favorite. I did really love Elder Bednars talk, and President Monsons, about love. I learned t hat i need to rely more on my saviors help to progress. Okay cool expirience, we met a returened missionary sister and she is so cool! She invited her friend to join her for conference, she even took her to seee the dedication of the Gilbert temple, and she felt the spirit so strong there! more in hte instruciton room, she said she cried.she loved the conferencea and her friend was telling her all about the Book of Mormon and her friend ( the investigator) made a pact with her that if she read the book of mormon in spanish she will read it in Japanese. I though it was a great idea. Too bad hat she is english so we cant teach her. :( But she is so ready and so humble i am so excited for her bright future in the gospel.
Hmm, what else happened this week.,m well it is going by sort of slow, besided we do study for four hours then have an hour for lunch and so we are in the house for five. Its ok though.
i love oyu alll and i hope i maybe see some of you at hte Easter pagent!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

White Washing and Training

Hello Amigos!
as you all know I got transferred and am now serving in Paradise Valley, and i am white washing, which means that both of us are new to the area and dont know anyone.We have a huge area it covers the stake. we are in car full time. i hope my companion could get her bike soon, i  like bikes better because we get to meet more people. What we have to do now is read the area book, meet the bishop and Ward mission leader and get to know all the members, recent converts especially becaeu we have to make sure they get to teh temple and stay active, we also need to look for new people to teach. I am so excited!!!!! I am also TRAINING a new missionary!!! She is so adorable and is from Utah she is 21 and went to the MTC in Mexico. I feel more equipped for training now, I've learned so much and i am so eager to share it with her, and also help her with her spanish :)
 I would love to send out pictures of my goodbyes with the branch that i grew so close to, but i dont have my cable. next week.
We got told that we will get to be hostesses at the Easter Pageant year!!
info:  april the 9th-11th; 15th-19th in english and april 12th in spanish at 8pmhere is the adress:525 e main street  mesa arizona
just in case any of you crazy people want to come down here :) it will be fun!
love you all, cheerio.