Monday, July 29, 2013

A New Sister Missionary to Train!

Here is me and my new companion!
So I am super excited that I get to train a new sister. I am helping her a lot with her Spanish and the twelve week training is so perfect because I get to relearn everything and now I cannot hide behind my senior companion anymore to teach testify and invite people in the streets or on their door step about the restored gospel, now i have to be more confident and be more knowledgeable. In reality i can tell the difference from the beginning to now in my confidence as a representative of our Lord Jesus Christ. I love the inspiration i get for my trainee to help her live up to her calling as a missionary,and as such, she has power and authority  to teach His gospel and bring many souls to repentance, but before we can do that we need to  be super obedient together, stay focused, teach people, not lessons, be organized, serve and have charity, and although we are not perfect, we need to strive to improve everyday and self evaluate and do the things that help us be more effective, for we cannot bring people unto Christ, if we are not converted unto Christ. :D

So we met this Fantastic man, well he was really nice, we were biking during the monsoon at night and we were soaking wet, ans he felt sorry for us so he invited us in ,but we couldn't because his wife wasn't home, so we made a cita appointment with him. We came back and he said and taught him the restoration and then he asked "so you only believe in the Book of Mormon and not the bible?"

We use the Book of Mormon and the Bible together, the Book of Mormon testifies that the Bible is true then we shared 1 nephi 13:38-39. it was perfect they work together to confound false Doctrine, he read it and we also read a paragraph in the intro of the Book of Mormon and he said pf coarse the book is true he was a really smart man, it sounds like the Bible hard to understand, in spanglish, we spoke both languages with him we randomly switched off, i tend to do that and so do our investigators, that's why i got called to teach these people, anyway He understood and said himself that the Book of Mormon ans the Bible go Hand in hand. We invited him to pray about it and told him that Jospeh Smith did not write the book, but it was a line of prophets in the Americas, starting with Lehi. We wanted him to gain a witness that it was true and gave him to read the gospel of Jesus Christ in 2 nephi 31 and Moroni 10:3-5. He said he will :)

Heavenly Father is teaching me that having charity is being patient.

A wonderful sister came with us to a lesson and she asked our investigator how she was doing. Then she told us her whole life story and why they wouldn't give her her children and why they wanted to take away the baby in her stomach once it was born, basically she has psychedelic mental problems and has depression that she wants to kill herself sometimes. My natural women was thinking oh gee how am i going to help this women and how is she going to learn self worth and i don't know if we should visit her anymore and  the other part of me was thinking well she is a child of God that really needs the gospel.

After we left the lesson the sister gave me some really good advice that helped me through my worries. She shared a story about how her husband converted to the gospel and how when we have a desire to follow Christ we want to change our lives to be more in harmony with his teachings, and how missionaries( they happen to be sister missionaries) have the power to promise blessings, that will come true as long as we have faith on both ends. He had schizophrenia, and once he got baptized he didn't have it anymore and whenever he feels anxious he reads the Book of Mormon and he is at peace again, wow pretty cool eeeh?

So she pretty much told me that we have to just teach her the gospel just like everyone else, except she will need you to be more patient, and he life can change when she accepts Christ, He can do miracles in peoples lives. And if i back out of of her life now, Heavenly father will look at my life movie in front of me and he will see how I was with this person and will judge me on how much patience and how much desire to help them I had. People say that missions are hard ,well now i know what they mean. i promise i will not give up on her.
I am really excited for tonight we have three lessons planned and one of them is with a less active and her 2 young daughters that want to get baptized, we are having Family Home Evening with them at a really cool members house and the point is that we want to show her that teaching the gospel can be fun and that the small and simply things brings beautiful things in our families like unity, love, the spirit and joy. Keep being awesome! and i love you all :) gotta go

A beautiful AZ sky!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Off to New Adventures!

Hello Friends and Family!

How is everyone?

Well this week has been super fun!  On Monday we trained a new sister , we got a batch of 22 new missionaries from the MTC and 7 from the Tempe Mission, 11 of those sisters and elders will be speaking Spanish, so exciting for the Scottsdale Mission!

Yesterday which was Tuesday was transfer meeting and i met who i will be training! Her name is Hermana Garret, she is from Utah,she is 21 and she is learning Spanish and is fresh out of the MTC ready to work! !
I love her we have so much in common, first we are on missions, we are both being humbled by the Lord, WE love spicy food, and we love healthy, but will not get to for 18 months, we both love to talk and work hard, we both love decorating the house of scriptures and spiritual thoughts, we both love banana bread, she is the first child in her family to go on a mission out of the 8 children and she is motivating me to work out more effective in the morning which is really needed and we set a goal to not gain any more weight , this transfer :)

I love her already she is great i cant wait to send you pictures of us next week because i didn't take any of us so far. We had a really spiritual companionship study session this morning. I really did feel unprepared and inadequate and excited and how am i going to do this, Train a NEW MISSIONARY! But i love our  mission President and his wife, he assured me that it was no coincidence, that we are together it was through revelation that we got put together . The Lord knew we will accept the call to go on a mission, where we will go, who will be our companions will be and has been preparing the people that we were men to come out and teach, The Lord knows our strengths and he puts us together to strengthen those things we need help with. He also said that we are always teaching, even when we are not teaching and that i will set her standards and her habits and how good of a teacher she will be for the rest of her mission,she is my number one convert, i need to show her to practice her  faith, work efficiently all day everyday, be exactly obedient, love others and the foundation of it all is to help her be converted unto Christ. I know  The Lord needed to me to do this and I can only do it with his help.

It is so interesting how small and simply things great things come to pass, during planning i put a name down and we were on our way to go see her, but first we stopped to get water at a members house and then  we went to go find her , but on the way and at that very moment, a former investigator was coming out of her car,we stopped to talk to talk to her and she said she was thinking about us and wanted us to start teaching her again, and shes been reading the Book of Mormon, we read with her and explained 2 nephi ch 2
then we came over another night and we taught her and her house boyfriend the gospel of Jesus and he is super funny! i love them both, so I might be planning a wedding soon, so they can get baptized!!!
Hmmm, who else, We have found lots of potential investigators, so hopefully they are willing keep commitments and follow the Savior.

We don't have any baptismal dates this month but working on it! 

love you all, thank you for the Prayers on my behalf and help the missionaries !!please even the young women! it will bless your life and it will inspire you to go on a mission! and reach out to those that need the blessings that they used to have when they came to church! :D so important!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The New Mission President... President Sweeney!


As you know I am now in the Scottsdale mission and we just met our new Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Sweeney! they are amazing!

So we are going to get a whole new set of rules and more missionaries! which i might be training once i am done with my training. All new missionaries go through a  twelve week training program, which really helps a lot, in it we practice how to teach simply, practice lessons, practice teach testify and inviting in less than five minutes, learn how to use the scriptures when teaching, which i think is one of my strongest skills as a missionary, but there is so much more than that to be an effective missionary!!, and many other fun things like watching the district, oh and how we can help members with their missionary work, and guess what! planning only took three and a half hours last week! so awesome for me because i really did not like daily planning and weekly planning was way too long for me. However, last Friday went really smooth, planning for all our investigators and what we are going to go teach them that week,yay its so good.

WOw it's a huge job to train a new missionary, we need patience and I'm sort of nervous, yet excited to train, if i train. 

ok here are some stories of some of the families/ people we are teaching: D

the Vegamonje family: She loves us coming over to give her a hand with teaching her three children about God and Jesus and how to keep the commandments and we use lots of props when we teach them so that the kids will pay more attention, we also use the Gospel Art book, it is super handy!  they are super smart children. We originally started teaching her husband and he knows that Joseph smith was a Prophet, but he and his wife want to keep going to the other church because he says i feel like i would just be leaving God for God if i switch religions. Really? and we taught them the restoration with and emphasize on the Priesthood authority and they believe its true. 
one time we went over to their house to teach them all, but her husband was in t he living room drinking beer with her dad while the kids were playing. So,we were in the kitchen teaching her only because and it was a disaster in the living room later, the member that was suppose to meet us there was half hour late! and on top of that she brought all her kids and her husband and our dear investigator was thrown off guard when all these people started showing up out of nowhere. it was pretty extreme. We did have a nice lesson with her and the member about The Family: A Proclamation to the World which we all enjoyed and felt peace despite everything else. :) I know you are all smart enough to not let this happen in you member missionary efforts,my Mexican brothers and sisters are a little crazy so it's not to surprising that that happened.Its one of those stories where you look back at it and it is just to funny. We love this family and we are still serving this family a lot by teaching the little ones English and just showing our love for them, hopefully they will soften their hearts and come to the Visitors Center with us!
Don't worry we have already taught hem the Plan of Happiness. 

Mary: her baby daddy just got thrown in jail and is waiting to be deported: so we went over and gave her comfort and she just has so much to worry about now, such as how is she h=going to afford her place and her child, who will take care of her, care payments and her father isn't here anymore and she doesn't have the knowledge of the gospel. This one is one that has been hard to find home, prior to this incident we taught her part one of the plan of salvation, and when we were going to teach her the rest that's when we found out about this. We invited her to a baptism and she went with her best friend, and all the members were super nice and that made me so happy. I was happy that they accepted that invitation from Christ to go to the baptism  it reminds me of this scripture:

16 For behold, the aSpirit of Christ is given to every bman, that he may cknow good from evil; wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for every thing which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God.

I love her and its so hard to go through these difficult situations, but i know that as we help her develop her faith and accept Christ she will feel as though her burdens seem light and He can strengthen her to overcome these things. 

Marlen and Liz ( 8 & 10 yrs old) they are the daughters of a less active women. We just finally started teaching them because we were busy helping them  move to a different house. They are so cute and i love teaching children because they are so humble and it helps me teach simply and i want whats best for them! 

well gotta go everyone thank you for the letters and the emails love you all!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mission Split!

hey this computer was super slow then it froze for about twenty minutes and i dont have much time to wrote to you all :(
SO the mesa Arizona Mission split up and i am now in the Scottsdale mission and We get to meet our new Mission President tomorrow! his name is president Sweeney!
I am super excited! three hour meeting for only our zone that means we get more one on one time!
so how is the misionary work going are you all helping the Elders?
email me! thanks